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I Spy …

15 Mar
Wish List

I Spy … Wish List

Would spring like GET here already! The 10-day forecast here in the mitten is actually quite sad. I’m ready to plant my petunias already! Since I’m thinking spring (even though spring is apparently not thinking it BACK), I thought I would put a lovely post together of brightly colored products that make me think sunny and warm thoughts.

1. Market Basket! We have our eco-bags for hitting the market right now, and although they work fine, I’m ready to get my paws on one of these cutie patuties. Seriously – every time I see someone in the market with one of these lovelies, I want to grab it from them and run 🙂 My favorite market basket I’ve found is at Downtown Home & Garden. Lovely store, complete with a lovely cat. Seriously – does it get better than that?

2. Rusk Speed Freak 2000: Since my hair blow dryer is like 5-years old and on the fritz, I’ve had my eye on this lovely little beaut for a while. Still pinch my pennies for it, since it’s not cheap! They other pull is that it’s supposed to dry your hair in lightening fast time – since my hair is thick – knocking some time off my beauty routine in the am would be sa-weet! 🙂

3. Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo: This is on my short list. I’ve always bought like $3 shampoo and my hair is starting to feel mighty neglected from my cheap-skate ways. Once in my life, I want to atleast try some swanky soap and see how my tresses like it. Since shampoo last me around 6-months, I figure it’s really not THAT much. If it totally transforms my look, that is. Oh, and Jay will be strictly prohibited from using this. He can only look at it. He can wash is hair with a bar of soap – this shampoo is MINE.

4. Litlle Oinkers: I mean, maybe I just have a thing for pigs, but I pretty much need this gold plated little bookends. Oink, Oink. Actually, pigs really don’t say oink, it’s more of a snort, right. Odd. Now it’s bothering me, where does the oink come from?

5. Clementine Sandal: What can I say, I got a soft spot for Jesus shoes. Must be my catholic up bringing 🙂

6. Fancy Schmancy: Love the look – but not the price. Gonna go on a thrift hunt and search for some vintage winnas! I can just see it now – it’s spring – the sun is shining (let’s make it 75 and sunny) and I exuberantly walk out the door with a similar vintage style plate. But I pay $10 for ALL of mine, not $19.99 each. No way, Jose (Thanks, Angel!) 😉 . Not on my watch.