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Tidying Up the Trim

27 Mar

As mentioned here, our trim was looking mighty out of place with the new white and bright bathroom overhaul. While Jay was working away on the tile install, I removed the trim and got to cleaning her up so that it would look nice and purty once everything was said and done. After removing it, I schlepped it downstairs to sand it, prime it, and paint it, paying careful attention to make sure the trim for each item (the window, the door, and the floor), stuck together.

How to paint wood trim

Wood Trim

There was quite a bit of junk on the trim (caulk, glue, etc), so my first round of business was to scrape the heck out of these things to get the caulk and other crap off of them first. The residue was really sticky, so this took a bit longer than anticipated. Just grabbed the trusty old scrapper and got to work.

How to prep trim

Prepping Trim

After the majority of the extra residue was off of the trim, we moved on to sanding all the trim down. This helped to get some of the extra stickiness off of the trim, and to create a smooth finish overall. You can see a pretty big difference on each side of the trim, where it had been sanded, and where the stain was still present. In order to make sure the paint adhered, I tried to get as much of the previous stain off as possible, and to make sure it was smooth and blemish free.

How to sand trim

Sanding Down Trim

One piece also had broken off during the demo process, so I had to work on getting that in tip top shape again. Luckily, it was a pretty clean break, so it was not too hard to reunite the slivered piece with the window trim.

How to repair broken trim

Broken Trim

We just grabbed some wood glue and clamped it on, and it was ready to paint in no time flat.

How to Repair Trim

Wood Glue

After all the prepping, we just put two coats of primer on it (which helps with a wood grain) and then painted it Benjamin Moore Simply White, to match the rest of the trim in the house. It’s still in need of some final touches, but the window trim is now looking like this!

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Window Trim

And for your historical reference, here is what the trim looked like prior. Think I’ll take the white 🙂

Wood Window Sill

Bathroom Window Sill Before