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How Great thou’ Grout

25 Mar

Wham bam alcazam. This bathroom is actually starting to look like a room again! Three cheers for the hubby, who’s been slaving every. day. after work to get this BEAST done. Grout is one of the more satisfying items on the long check list. Because for once – your not tearing something out – or making a huge mess. Your making progress. Your finishing something. It’s a good feeling. Here it is in all it’s post grout glory.

White Grout Subway TIle

Grouting | After

We’ve worked with many different types of grout in our day, and I gotta tell you – unsanded is where it’s at in our book. Why you ask? Less mess, looks better, and easier to work with. Win. Win. and Win. With any grouting adventure, you got to start at the beginning by mixing your batch up. Our instructions indicated we needed a mayonnaise like consistency.  Easy enough. Doesn’t really look lake mayonnaise, but who am I to judge.

White Grout Subway Tile

Mixed Grout

When I first saw the grout being mixed, I thought it looked way too dark. We had purchased white grout, and when it’s wet, it looks quite a bit darker. Don’t fret (like I did, I was ready to hop in the car and return the stuff), it will get quite a bit lighter as it dries. Grouting is pretty straight forward, but tedious. First, you’ve got to slather it all up and fill all those gaps galore. We purchased a new float this time around from the tile shop (this one), and we are pretty impressed with it’s flotation abilities. Plus, our last one busted after one reno project. Not cool. The man at the tile shop promised us this one should last forever, as long as we take good care of it. We will see how nurturing we are, since I don’t see this thing lasting till kingdom come, but here’s to hoping.

How to Grout


As you can see, this grout was not white. Nope, I would call that grey 🙂 Or gray. I never know which one it is. After you’ve grouted, your section of tile should be looking like this. Note – the black spots on the grout are bubbles of air that fill after you come back the sponge and shape the grout.

How to grout

Grouted Tile

The grout is definitely IN the spaces – but it still needs to be shaped. This is a very important step, since it will completely determine the look for your finished product. If you don’t take the time to shape the grout correctly, It’ll look janky. And no one wants that.

How to shape grout

Shaping Grout

Since the guys at the tile shop are awesome, they gave us two free sponges. Sa-weet! We just dipped the sponge in some water, and lightly went over the grouted areas. You want to make sure you are shaping the grout, but you don’t want to push too hard, and have the grout come up. You really just need to lightly brush the sponge over the grout line, and you’ll be able to give it some definition, and clean up any bumps, bubbles, or grout that got onto the tile.

How to install tile

Wiping Haze Off Tile

After you’ve gone over your tiles with a sponge (and after the grout has dried a bit) come back through with a mico-fiber cloth to get rid of any haze that resulted from the grout cover. You should notice a slight haze building on the tiles that are ready for this step, and depending on how moist your room is (season, etc), you should be able to do this step after 30 mins or so. We opted to do each of these steps in batchs of 10 sq feet or so, since it helped us control the process, and the timing a bit more.

White Grout Subway TIle

Grouting | After

Here is a picture of how the space looked after grouting, and for reference a before shot. Loving it!

Bathroom before

Bathroom | Before