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The Green Has Got to Go

15 May

Hunter green and pink. If I had to pick two colors that would sum up the previous owner’s design taste – they would be it. Add some wallpaper and a few faux finishes and we are pretty much good to go. Not to say that hunter green and pink are not nice, but we’ve been phasing them out of our abode. Guess we are just a wee bit more plain jane round here. 😉 I’m a sucker for a nice, crisp, black exterior door and perfectly bright and white interior. What can I say, I’m a tried and true for the traditional.

Sunroom Door

Green Exterior Door

I felt an extra push to paint this door since we had already quasi tackled it by painting the interior, but not the interior door trim, so anytime we opened the door this spring to get a wee bit of air in the space, I would hard core cringe and the unfinished look.

Unpainted Door Trim

Door Trim

If I had my way, and a few extra dollar bills lining my pocket, I would get a french door installed here to open up the dining room, and to get rid of all the ugly gold trim. A la this photo. Fades off into dreams of converting the screened in porch into a sunroom …

French Doors Dining Room

French Doors

But since paint cost $20 for a gallon and doors cost a few benjamins … ya know. Some decisions get made for you. He he. 😉 It was looking pretty rough though. Definitely in need of paint.

Green Exterior

Exterior Door

Here is how it looked after two coats of Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Simply White Trim

Simply White Patio Door

The trim panel is looking a lot better, too.

Door Trim Simply White

Door Trim

Oh, and the door hardware. That has to go, too 🙂 After lots of looking around at the big box and local stores with nothing striking my fancy, I stumbled across this guy when I was buying our appliances at my new favorite website, build.com. Plus, they are actually quite a bit less than the big box option. Yippie skippie. Perhaps in the summer we will snag this guy for the door.

Exterior Door Hardware

Exterior Door Hardware


The Last of the Mohicans

13 May

That’s a wrap! The last of the ugly bi-colored, paneled, who thought this was a good idea, doors, are officially out of my life. Woo to the hoo. For some reason, every single door in this house had the middle panel left au natural, and the rest painted some color (usually pink). I’m all about the natural wood look, but it’s all or nothing to me. It was like they were framed, in pepto-bismal pink. No, that simply will not work.

Pink Paneled Closet Door

Pink Closet Door

While were were painting the front closet, we also opted to tackle the one remaining paneled door, which leads to the attic. This one already had a bit of paint slapped onto it, since I used it as my paint getter-ridder surface before I washed it each time 🙂 I figured it was a good a place as any for it! 😉

Attic Door

Attic Door

The closet had a pink interior, and pink trim too. Sensing a theme? It also had a messy interior before, as this became the dumping ground for all our project odds and ends that we wanted close at hand during the bathroom reno. Easier than carting our patooties up and down the basement steps, but certainly uglier. Well, perhaps that is debatable, but I’m going with the messy closet on that one.

Closet Organization

Closet | Before

Since it has also helped us get a smooth, even coat in the past, we opted to use the primer this time around as well. Kilz, I swear by it man! It’s it is the best! After one coat of primer, things were looking very improved, but still very spotty.

Primed Closet Door

Primed Closet Door

Malcolm took his job of watching over the closet contents very seriously. Don’t mess with the orange tabby. I think he liked the tower effect. That whole cat complex of being higher than you. 😉 What – you looking at me?

Orange Tabby

Orange Tabby

After a coat (and some touch-ups) of Simply White by Benjamin Moore, the two doors were looking like this. Voila. Amazing what a coat of paint can do.

White painted closet door

Closet Door | After

And the upstairs attic door. Notice the pink carpet leading up the stairs. He he – more of the same! When will it stop! 😉

White painted paneled door

Attic Door | After

Tidying Up the Trim

27 Mar

As mentioned here, our trim was looking mighty out of place with the new white and bright bathroom overhaul. While Jay was working away on the tile install, I removed the trim and got to cleaning her up so that it would look nice and purty once everything was said and done. After removing it, I schlepped it downstairs to sand it, prime it, and paint it, paying careful attention to make sure the trim for each item (the window, the door, and the floor), stuck together.

How to paint wood trim

Wood Trim

There was quite a bit of junk on the trim (caulk, glue, etc), so my first round of business was to scrape the heck out of these things to get the caulk and other crap off of them first. The residue was really sticky, so this took a bit longer than anticipated. Just grabbed the trusty old scrapper and got to work.

How to prep trim

Prepping Trim

After the majority of the extra residue was off of the trim, we moved on to sanding all the trim down. This helped to get some of the extra stickiness off of the trim, and to create a smooth finish overall. You can see a pretty big difference on each side of the trim, where it had been sanded, and where the stain was still present. In order to make sure the paint adhered, I tried to get as much of the previous stain off as possible, and to make sure it was smooth and blemish free.

How to sand trim

Sanding Down Trim

One piece also had broken off during the demo process, so I had to work on getting that in tip top shape again. Luckily, it was a pretty clean break, so it was not too hard to reunite the slivered piece with the window trim.

How to repair broken trim

Broken Trim

We just grabbed some wood glue and clamped it on, and it was ready to paint in no time flat.

How to Repair Trim

Wood Glue

After all the prepping, we just put two coats of primer on it (which helps with a wood grain) and then painted it Benjamin Moore Simply White, to match the rest of the trim in the house. It’s still in need of some final touches, but the window trim is now looking like this!

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Window Trim

And for your historical reference, here is what the trim looked like prior. Think I’ll take the white 🙂

Wood Window Sill

Bathroom Window Sill Before

Closet Confession

21 Feb

My closet, oh my closet. If there is one thing I miss about our old house, it is our much larger, much more functional closet space. I know that I can work with the one I’ve got, but it’s been really tricky so far, and overall, this thing has been on overflow mode since we moved in. It’s been looking like this, cringe.

Closet Before Organization

Closet Before

Jay, was smart enough to demand a dresser for his extra duds. Once I realized how dire our closet situation was in this new house, I quickly gave him the boot to the guest room, and I’ve been using the closet in the Master for all of my clothes. Since the Master is so small, there really isn’t room for a dresser in there, so I’ve been resorting to only using the closet. Every time I pass the guest room I have pangs of envy when I see that big dresser just sitting there chalk full of his swag.

First I tried putting the tupperware guy above in the closet, after purging a solid amount of my clothes, I found that this solution worked ok, BUT I knew that the space could be optimized even more with some minor shelving modifications. So with desperation in my voice, I went to recruit the hubby, and low and behold, he had the PERFECT fix. I knew I kept him around for a good reason!

First, we grabbed some wood from our scrap pile. Lucky for us, the FIRST piece (the dark brown one) was just the right dimension in width, so we were able to us that as a template. And THEN low and behold, the larger piece we had was also the correct dimensions, so we didn’t have to do any cutting. Huzza! I’m taking that as a sign from the closet gods that mission organization is divinely ordained.

Closet Scrap Wood

Closet Scrap Wood

See how perfect that piece fits in there! I was impressed, and Jay was relieved, so it made for two very happy campers.

DIY closet storage

Closet Storage

Now that this chunka chunka burning wood was installed, we just needed to slap some white primer on it to get it ready for the final coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White, which is the paint color we have for all our trim. Since this shelf will have a decent amount of basket moving on it, we did a light sanding prior to help the paint stick a bit better. Plus, adding the coat of primer should help that effort a bit as well.

Priming wood shelf

Painted wood Shelf

Here it is after I grabbed some baskets to store the clothes in. I’m trying to put my t-shirts, sweatshirts and pj’s in these bins. So far, they have been pretty accessible and SO much better than that huge tupperware tote that was just chilling in the middle of the closet before, and preventing me from properly accessing all of the other areas of this closet.

Closet storage shelf, with basket, DIY closet shelf

Closet Storage Shelf

Next up – time to ditch the pepto-bismol pink sponge effect and paint this sucker!

This post was a part of the William Morris project over at Pancakes and French Fries. Check out all her awesome posts here!

Sprucing the Doors – Round Dos

18 Feb

So a bit of a confession. The FRONTS of our doors are looking mighty swanky these days, but the backs on em’. Emmmm, let’s just say I lost my steam a bit and didn’t finish all of them. The downstairs linen closet door, for instance, is one of those offending parties. It’s all business up front, and all party in the back. But like a bad frat party, with Solo Cups everywhere and a sticky floor. Yeah – you know what type of party I’m talking about…

So, I got my mind to painting that sucker. Right now it’s got really good storage on it BUT the storage is ugly and I don’t like it. So being the infinitely practical person I am (snicker) I decided to sell that thing on craigslist and go au natural. Plus, this closet is like 4 feet deep, so as long as we continue to use the baskets in there, I think this space will still stay nice and organized. In fact, even though the storage on the front did technically add more organization, it also made the closet feel really cluttered to me, cause every time you opened the door there was stuff right in your face. Here it is in all it’s glory with the storage rack, and sans paint.

How to paint doors

Linen Closet Door

We had some Kilz Primer laying around the house, so I thought I would put that on for the base coat. The wood paneling in the middle was especially hard to cover sufficiently with paint the first time around, so might as well bust out the primer to see if it helps, right?

How to paint wood doors

Painting the Linen Closet

Had Jay snag a picture of me working round these parts, so you didn’t think we was the only worker bee. he he 😉 I’ve got to admit, I am super happy with how well the primer covered. That middle section was pretty dark, so to have it completely covered in two coats felt pretty good.  Two coats later, (one coat of primer, and a coat of paint in Benjamin Moore Simply White) and the doors is looking like this! A bit of a confession, I totally had to spruce the closet a wee bit before snapping the after photo. It had gained a bit of clutter since my closet over haul a few weeks back. Overall – much better!

How to paint wood doors

Linen Closet Door | After

Ah, now that puts a smile on my face! One project down, 2 million to go!

Entering Our Abode

23 Jan

This post is part of the William Morris Project, hosted by Pancakes and French Fries. 

Our little entry way is one of my favorite things about the new house. We usually have it closed for energy efficiency, but I think it is so sweet and quaint. I can’t wait until summer when we can leave the front door open, and Malcolm can hang out and watch the neighbors coming by. That poor kitty is getting cabin fever. Now that the days are getting longer, the poor bugger has been crying for us to open the windows. A few more months, my man. Here is a snapshot of the entry. It’s a nice place to put coats and all that jazz – definitely an upgrade from the last house!

Front Entry: Progress

Front Entry: Progress

For reference, here is what it looked like on move-in day.

Foyer - Before

Foyer – Before

Most of this art has been added over the years from etsy (thanks, Mom!). I usually put 1-2 esty finds on my christmas list and my Mom always gets me at least one in a nice frame. She’s awesome. Here is a close-up of some of the art in the entry. I am totally digging this cookie press of Shakespeare. Saw him for 3 dolla billz at Treasure Mart and picked him up stat! Also found this great map of Rome for $9 on etsy. Never been to Rome, but I gotta soft spot for maps. I imagine I would also have a soft spot for Rome. Another day and another dollar my friend. I actually found the frame for free in someone’s front yard. It was in good shape, so I popped in the new print and voila! Cheap art!

Etsy Art - Front Entry

Etsy Art – Front Entry

On the other side of the door, we’ve got this sweet mosiac print of a kitty (we are fond of kitties around here), and a bicycle print (we are also fond of bicycles). I don’t think I would want to commute into work on this particular bicycle, but still a rockin’ little print to hang out below the cat. Both of these were gifted from my Mom. The top frame is even made from recycled wood – kohl’s sells them I think. I like that it looks a bit more grainy. Adds some texture that you are often missing on a brand spanking new, mass produced frame. Not that this one wasn’t mass produced though if we’re being honest, I mean, it is from kohl’s! 😉 Can’t win em all.

Entry Way Art

Entry Way Art

Here is the light we selected for the space. It’s a small little drum light that has two layers, with a linen exterior. Totally love how it looks! Adds some sophistication to the entry and ties the space together nicely.

Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting

We spray painted the front hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze in order to have it match the hardware on the door. MUCH better than the bling bling gold we had going on when we moved in, let me tell ya! Still not exactly what I would pick out – but for now – it will do just fine. The trim on all the doors in Benjamin Moore, Simply White. 

Front Door Hardware

Front Door Hardware

Here is a look at the entry area from our Living Room. It has a glass door, which is awesome since we are able to close this area off and keep the house a little better insulated throughout the winter. The door itself still needs some attention (paint on the glass from previous owners). Once we work on the door and add a small rug, this space will be well on it’s way. Entry From Living Area

A Glimpse of the Guest Room

21 Jan

Like the Master, the second bedroom on the main floor is also quite small. But ya know, it’s enough room for a bed and a dresser – so it works great for us! 🙂 Some day in the future, we will probably transition this space to a nursery for a mini-me, but for now, it works great as Jay’s dressing room 😉 He is usually up 30 mins before me, so it’s great to be able to get some additional shut eye without him rummaging around the room. When we convert the attic to a Master Suite – we will definitely be thinking about these types of logistical issues – for now – it’s nice to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t for when we design that space.

Most of this stuff is recycled from the old house, but we have a few new adds as well. Overall, I’m thinking we still need a rug, perhaps an ottoman for the end of the bed and some ART! There is not anything on the walls right now, and it’s looking sparse. Sad and sparse. Need to get on that stat. Here is a view of the bed, the main attraction in the room.

Guest Room

Guest Room

Sad but true, this is the fist room in the house that actually has a color in it, and not a neutral, beige or off-white tone. When it comes to colors, I just vastly prefer a soft a neutral palette, and anytime I’ve risked it and opted to add some color to the base – I usually HATE it. But, I decided to take a risk on this room, and I am so glad I did! We went with Wisdom by Behr, and it reads like an overcast sky. So lovely, and calming. Glad we opted to add just a hint of color in this room for something a bit different.

Here are some close-up shots of some of the details I love in the room. This mirror was a great find from HomeGoods. I love the texture on it, just adds a bit of depth to the room. The dresser still needs a lamp on it, or some other small details. Over time, those details usually fall into place. You can see that this bedroom is off to the side of the house, and looks out into the hall, and living room.

Guest Room - Dresser and Mirror

Guest Room – Dresser and Mirror

Another HomeGoods find – love this blanket! It is so incredibly soft! Fun little print that adds a little bit of a modern touch to a room that feels a wee bit too traditional to me right now. Got spice this one up a bit! Maybe with the art…

Guest Room - Bedspread

Guest Room – Bedspread

And here is a close up of the pillows. Mostly from Homegoods, the back two are from IKEA. I liked that you could see the stripe on the side, kind of whimsical and fun but still understated. I am concerned that these pillows may be a bit too big for this headboard, but I am going to keep them for a wee bit. Over time I may switch them out, but for now I am loving the linen fabric as a backdrop. The pillows were only $12.99 for a 26″ x 26″ linen cover, so that is a steal for the size! You do need to buy an insert – but being IKEA, that was only $7.99. Huzza!

Guest Room - Pillows

Guest Room – Pillows

Overall – still some stuff to do, but the room is ready for guests – so come on over! 🙂