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Ikat and My Cat

10 May

What can I say, looks like Malcolm has impeccable taste. 🙂 Bought a little beauty of an Ikat rug over the weekend at Homegoods (where else) and the orange tabby hasn’t left it’s side since. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that spring is finally here and the door now gets left open. 😉 All in a day’s work.

Ikat rug

The Orange Tabby

I’m not sure exactly why, but I’ve never purchased a rug pad before. Holy smoky mountains. They make a WORLD of difference. Plus, the one we found at Homegoods was all of $4 bucks. so it’s hard not to get them for the amount of difference they make with the rug not sliding around so much.

Rug Pad

Rug Pad

First thing we did was place the rug pad down to get a feel for where we wanted this new rug to go. The middle of the room seemed to make the most sense, so down she went. 🙂

Rug Pad

3×5 Rug Pad

I was a bit surprised at how much smaller the rug pad was in relation to the rug, but it seems to keep everything perfectly in place, so works for me. The other extra nice thing about having a rug pad is that it adds quite a bit of cush and comfort. This may be another factor in the orange tabby’s love fest.

Ikat Dhurrie Rug

Ikat Dhurrie Rug

I’m just loving this little pop of color in our entry. Gives the space some attitude. For reference, here is how the space was looking before. So barren  So lonely and barren.

Entry | Before

Entry | Before

And here is another close-up of the new addition. Loving it more everyday. Malcolm is too.

Dhurrie Ikat Rug

Dhurrie Ikat Rug


Going on a Table Hunt

9 Apr

Now that we’ve decided to work with the smaller dining space we have, it’s time to optimize the hut and get a round dining table already. Actually, the search has only just begun. Ideally, I’d really like to find one on craigslist or used (Salvation Army, consignment stores, etc) but if all else fails, there are a few online that I like as well.

This was the first table I found that I liked, it’s 54″ round, with an extension. 54″ could work, but I feel like 48″ would be a bit better for flow in the room. This one is from Art Van, (it’s the Sutton’s Bay Pedestal Dining Table) which is nice since there is ALWAYS a promo going on there. It’s listed for $599, but I wouldn’t pay much more than $400 for it, which I think is feasible given all the promotions Art Van runs.

Suttons Bay Dining Table

Suttons Bay Dining Table

I’m quite smitten with this guy from Macy’s as well. I absolutely love the pedestal base on it, but I’m not sure I’m crazy about the top. It looks like it has quite a bit of detail, and I think that I would prefer just plan wood versus an inlay pattern. This one is a 48″ table (right dimensions!) with a leaf that extends it to 70″, so it’s great for when we are entertaining and need additional space at the table. The reviews say that the table top scratches pretty easy as well, and with a cat that is constantly jumping on the table, that might nix this one.

I’m digging this one, from Liberty Furniture as well. Ideally, I think I would go with a slightly darker wood stain, but I think it’s a super handsome looking table! It’s a 48″ base table, that expands to 60″ (and seats 6) for entertaining. The smaller sizing is appealing to me, since I think it would help a lot with the flow in the room. Also, although I absolutely love the pedestal portion of the table, I’m not sure I’m crazy about the loop-de-loos at the bottom of the table legs. It’s also a bit more pricey – at $720.

48" Pedestal Dining Table

Liberty Furniture Pedestal Dining Table

Other than the price, I’m totally gelling with this table from Broyhill as well (think it might even be my top contender…). One of the most important aspects to me on the table is the look of the pedestal. Gotta keep it classy, America! There are certain details that just make me want to run and grab my wallet on a pedestal table and this one has a lot of those star qualities that have me thinking irrational thoughts, and saying to myself, $700 isn’t THAT expensive. Dangerous words, very dangerous words.

Broyhill Pedestal Dining Table

Broyhill Pedestal Dining Table

Any thoughts out there in blog land? I find it’s the hardest to find what you’re looking for, when you already know EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Narrows the search options a wee bit. 🙂

Snagged Me a Winner!

20 Mar

Every once and a while, the craigslist God’s smile down upon you and bring a lovely little addition. And this little vintage table, wait – for  – it – only $30 beans! Considering the MDF ones at Target are like $100 buckos, I’ll take used and solid wood, any day. Here is my latest find. Did I mention I only paid thirty bucks 🙂 Not my BEST craigslist find, but I’ll put this one in the solid category for price, and beauty. It scores quite high on beauty, no?

Vintage Brass Hardware Table

Vintage Brass Hardware End Table

Here is a close up of the lovely brass vintage hardware. I’ve had hardware nearly identical to this pinned on pinterest for quite some time, so it’s super exciting to actually have a piece of furniture with these lovely details now! Plus, I’m pretty sure it would have set me back close to $30 bucks just for the hardware, if I decided to DIY a piece similar, so I’m pretty pumped about the price.

Vintage Brass Hardware Furniture

Vintage Brass Hardware

It’s a vintage Thomsasville side table. I wasn’t super familiar with the brand, but when I did a wee bit of research, I found that their current stock of tables go for $400+. Huzza!! I can definitely tell that this side table is made really, really well. Of all the craigslist finds, I’ve gotta give this one the best marks for drawer quality. These things slide like butta. The construction is really high quality, and I’m so glad I scored this one!

Vintage Thomasville Side Table

Thomasville Side Table

For now, it’s nestled between the couch and the side chairs, so it’s kind of hidden a bit, which is sad. Moved some stuff around the house to style it a bit, and I’m loving this as a new addition to the basement.

Antique Brass Table

Antique Brass Side Table

Mad props to the hubby for schlepping his bum down the street to snag this beaut. He even picked up the groceries while he was out. Virtual high five, Jay. You ROCK!

Frickety Faucet … a Whicka Whicka

4 Mar

Faucets. Another detail that feels like it’s way more complicated than it should be 😉 We are going for a classic look in the downstairs bath, a la the photo below. We both loved the look of the cross handle, and we wanted to find a tub and faucet set from the same brand that matched, to pull the room together a bit.

Small Bathroom Inspiration

Small Bathroom Inspiration

That being said, we had a few stipulations with our search.

  1. Price: I had $150 budgeted for each item (tub faucet and sink faucet)
  2. They needed to match – duh! 😉
  3. The tub faucet had to be two handles (vs. the central hot/cold control)

At first I had this faucet picked out, since I thought we would be going with this sink, (more on that here) which is much smaller and a 4″ center set. But after really scratching our heads about it, we knew that the first pedestal sink we had picked out was just going to be way too small for the space. I mean, it was tiny. Like pretty sure half the water would have fallen right out of the basin and onto the floor, so after lots of deliberating that sink (and faucet) got the boot.

Kingston Brass Heritage 4" Centerset

Kingston Brass Heritage 4″ Centerset

But lucky for me, Kingston Brass makes the same faucet, in a 8″ center set model, which we would need for the new sink we are eyeing. Unlucky for me, it was $120 more. Oye. So much for rocking the budget. After scouring the world wide web, I was able to find it on for only $80 extra, plus, I got a coupon for 12% off, so I think that is the best I’ll be able to do. Devil’s in the details, eye?

Kingston Brass Heritage Collection 8"

Kingston Brass Heritage Collection 8″

Along with the Kingston Brass Heritage collection sink we selected above, we decided to go with the Kingston Brass American Cross Handles Magellan Collection faucet for the tub/shower. Unfortunately, they did not have a Heritage collection tub faucet, but aesthetically they are quite similar. One thing that was frustrating is that different websites, and even the same website with different products, had very different color variations with the same finish and same brand. Eventually I just had to trust that the brand would have consistency with it’s finishes, and that all of the Satin Nickel products will look the same. Here is the tub faucet we are going with.

Kingston Brass Magellan Collection

Kingston Brass Magellan Collection

After doing some price searching, I landed up getting the tub faucet from Modern Furniture Warehouse. Yes, just the place you would think about getting a faucet from 😉 Ok, so it was the cheapest location by far – BUT – we have still not received the faucet. We ordered it like a week and a half ago, and it is still labeled as processing on their website. I mean seriously. After a week of waiting, I tried contacting their customer service department, and I was directed to a message machine. Thought that was a little funky, but as long as someone can provide an answer (stat!) as to when I will be getting by faucet, that would be thrilling. Hopefully this baby will get here (be shipped!) soon, since I would really love to be united with this long lost faucet of mine.

Overall, it’s looking like we will be coming in just a bit under the initial budget of $300 for both. The tub faucet came in at $99.89 from Modern Furniture Warehouse, and the 8″ Widespread faucet came in at $170.89 (with our coupon), from overstock. All’s well that ends well 🙂

How do you do, Homegoods?

8 Feb

Homegoods is like my homeboy. We tight. I used to be 1/4 mile from Homegoods, so whenever the mood would strike {which was often, let’s be honest} I would put on my walking shoes and head-on-over. These days, I actually got to grab a set of wheels to get my tuckus over there. Although I do try to strategically plan all of our weekend trips to revolve around that side of town, I am seeing a little less of my main slice these days. And you know, absence has only made the heart grow founder.

The second I walk into this joint, it’s like a calming drug. Actually for like one second it’s calming, and then my bargain hunting sensors engage and I’m off with my shopping cart in hand. The pillows are always my first stop, cause I’m always on the hunt for a new set. Just got a soft spot for those plushy fabulous things. And, they are right next to the door, so they usually suck me in first. Then, I’m off to the clearance section. 😉 Like a moth to light, I just have an indescribable force that slowly pulls me in. I try to resist it, but it’s futile.

Here are some of my favorites from our most recent trip. I held back, and didn’t walk out with all of it. But it was a struggle, I’m telling ya! Look at this lovely, lovely lamp. Gah! I wanted it so bad. Still might go back and snag this beauty for the downstairs office area.

Homegoods lamp

Homegoods | Linen Drum Shade Lamp

I loved these little ikat storage containers, perfect for keeping all those drawers neat and clean. Love it. At $5.99 a pop, I think it’s a pretty nice way to snazz up a drawer.

IKAT Storage Container

IKAT Storage Container | Homegoods

Baskets. I don’t think you can have enough of em’. I liked how these ones were a bit different than the typical fare I go for. I think these would be great for kiddie storage, or for throwing some extra blankets in, no? It almost looks like a little drum. He, he. I love it.

Natural Fiber Baskets | Homegoods

Natural Fiber Baskets | Homegoods

Check out these curtains. They would be a great pop of color in a more neutral room. I had my eye on them for our guest bedroom, or maybe, if I felt like getting all ca-razy town I would put them in the living room.

Tahari Curtains | Homegoods

Tahari Curtains | Homegoods

I got a soft spot for unique picture frames. I think that it just adds a little bit more pizzaz to a gallery wall, or desk shelf. This little guy was a total winner. I usually wait for the picture frames to go on clearance though, test my luck a bit.

Bone Picture Frame | Homegoods

Bone Picture Frame | Homegoods

And of course, I couldn’t walk out empty handed – ya know what I mean?? I snagged myself some beuts with these ikat pillows and this rockin’ horse book stand. I’ve got big plans for the horse once we finish installing the bookshelves in the basement. Think he is going to look awfully handsome keeping some books all propped up. Can’t wait to do some bookcase stylin.

IKAT Pillows | Homegoods

IKAT Pillows | Homegoods