It’s Electrifying

18 Jun

When we got a little deeper into the renovation process in the kitchen, we started to realize that a few things had to change. After removing the wall, we started to move on to the finer details of the space, and that is when we noticed that our status quo electricity was not going to work. Bummer dude. See the outlet right there in the middle of the room? We needed an outlet for both the oven (below the existing one) and above, for the microwave (above the existing one).

How to move outlet


Since we had not done any exploration behind the wall, we didn’t know exactly where each set of wires went. The previous electrical box had (4) outlets, and we knew we wanted to move two of them up, and the other two down. Assuming the worst, which was that the wires did not go in the general direction we wanted, we purchased a junction box and extra wire in order to run a new line up to our desired location. First things first, after turning the power off, I made Jay do a second level of testing with a lamp in the house, just so we could really make sure the power was off. Better not to have a bar-b-qued husband.

How to safely move electrical box

Checking Electricity

After we confirmed the power was off, we started exploring the wiring in the wall a bit more, to see if it went to our desired destinations. And by George, it did. Always nice when the home renovations God’s shine down upon you. One of the outlets had a wire that literally went straight up the wall we needed, while the other jogged down to the desired location. Now, instead of running new wire up, we just had to reroute our existing wire into the new space.

How to move electrical box

Rerouting Electrical

After some maneuvering and snipping, we were able to get the wires out of the junction box so that we could move them up to where we needed them to be. We did some measuring, and determined that a box that was about 18″ from the ceiling would fit right into the cabinet we will have above the microwave, which would allow up to plug the microwave right into the outlet above it.

How to move outlet box

Moving Wires

After cutting a few exploratory holes first, to make sure the wires headed in the direction we needed, we just grabbed the wires from the original box and slowly guided them up to our new desired location.

How to move electrical box

Stripping Wire

In order to attach the wires to the electrical outlet at the new, higher, location, we just stripped off the protective coating so that we could gain access to the wire. Since the wires ran directly to the location we needed, we did not need to run a new line, or to modify the existing stack of wires. It made for a pretty straight forward job.

How to attach wires to electrical outlet

Attaching Wires

Final step was to attach the wires right onto the electrical outlet and from there we were pretty much good to go! Probably the most difficult part of this whole process was cutting through the plaster to get to the wires in order to move them. Check out how thick this plaster was!

How to remove plaster wall

Plaster Wall

Here is the new outlet above (for the microwave) and the other one that we place below the old outlet location. I was pretty much dreading this project, so to have the entire thing take 30-mins was incredibly awesome and totally unexpected. Now we will just move forward with patching the wall, and eventually, with some lovely subway tiles! Can’t wait until we are to that point in the reno!

How to move electrical outlet



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