How About Some Nice Red Oak

14 Jun

A nice wood floor, the staple of all American homes. Or at least this American home. After we had the wood sections from the wall removal all chiseled out and ready to go, we figured, what the hay, might as well remove our perpetual trip hazard and just put some new wood up in this joint. Plus, Jay was chomping at the bit to try out his new power tool. Note to all ladies (and gentleman) trying to persuade  your man to get his reno on. Buy him the tool. Just do it.

After lots of work this weekend, we went from this…

How to replace wood boards on floor

Replacing Wood Floor

To this! Voila – easy as pie. 1-2-3 done! Yeah, it didn’t work that way. It was more like 1-2-3-1,923 – I guess it’s good enough, let’s just be done. Keeping it reaaal folks.

How to lace in new wood floor with old

New Wood Floor

In all honesty though, I think the new floor is look scrump-ditely-umptious. It’s definitely on it’s way. We decided to get all fancy shmancy and do some inset vents. Actually, there were two reasons for this. One, we had some potential cabinet conflicts (i.e. cabinet bumping over the vent space,  and Two, what isn’t to like about a perfectly smooth floor with no metal popping up and out of it. I likey.

Inset Wood Vents

Egg Crate Vents

One was replacing a vent that had previously been under our cabinet, and the other was going to replace this lovely gold dude. After some sleuthing  we found that this vent was a faux vent. Not a lick of HVAC running under this guy. There were some wires though, so we opted to go ahead with the vent install in the name of keeping this area open access.

Gold Heater Vent

Gold Fancy Vent

Before we could get to our new, lovely, vent installations though, we had to start and the beginning with piece numero uno. And the first one, my friends, is always the hardest. First thing we realized was that in order to fit our new piece in, we would have to saw off some of the extra goodies on this guy. It has a lip on the end that was intended for locking it into place with the next guy, but with our tight configuration (fitting a piece of wood into an existing joint) we found that it just wasn’t going to happen. Off to the miter saw Jay went.

How to connect wood into existing floor

Removing Lip

For this first piece, we opted to cut off the front lip of the wood, and a bit along the side, too. This way we were able to make sure the piece could slide right into the existing hole without too much fighting (key, with out TOO much fighting). The little laser beam that could right there.

How to install new pieces of wood into exisiting

Cutting Lip

Once the extra pieces of wood were removed on the edges, we were able to come through and tap this guy into place. It definitely take a few adjustments, but after a few minutes, each piece would generally pop in where it need to go. If the fit was too tight, we would just come back with a chisel and scrape off a bit of the wood to get a better fit. It’s an iterative process.

Replacing wood floor pieces

New Wood

Then Jay had a chance to grab his trusty nail gun. This was his favorite step 😉 After we had each piece right where we wanted it, we came back through with the nail gun and popped a few into place to make sure each chunk of wood was super secure in there. Most of this wood will actually be under the cabinetry, so although it’s important to have it nice and tight, it’s not crucial, since no humans will be walking on it.

How to install wood with a nail gun

Nailing In Wood

Here is how the side with the vent looks now. I think these are going to look really nice when they are stained and finished! This is the first time we have done an inset vent, so I am pumped to see how they look after everything is done.

Inset Heater Vent

Inset Heater Vent


One Response to “How About Some Nice Red Oak”

  1. Crystal @ 29 Rue House June 17, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    Wow that is pretty impressive looking!! I love the vent and I probably would have never thought about just replacing a few pieces of flooring! Very smart! P.s. Glad the pictures the of the brass hardware was helpful! We’re also working on our kitchen and I really want to use them in there. When they cost less than $2 each (pretty cheap for hardware I think) it is hard to even try to find something else.

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